Introduction Post- Get To Know Me

Hi to everyone reading this. Introduction posts are always difficult, I was thinking about doing an about me tag post but then i thought no that’s far to generic and i want the introduction to tell you what to expect from my blog not what my favorite drink is! So ill go straight into introducing myself and why I’m doing this blog, i just wanted this bit at the start so i didn’t seem blunt.

As you can probably tell from my profile my name is Courtney I’m 19 years old from the UK. The blog name “trying to leave the house” describes why im doing this blog , I have three health conditions that can affect my every day life to the point of it becoming leaving the house some days. The visible condition I have is cerebral palsy which affects all four of my limbs and results in me being wheelchair bound. On my blog i want to explain more about what cerebral palsy (cp) is and break down perceptions of disability in general. I want to do this in ways varying from talking about serious issues that disabled people face to kind of taking the piss out of myself to try to make disability more  normalized within society.

the second condition I have is epilepsy again just raising awareness on this disability  is  important because people can see a wheelchair and automatically see the complications and challenges that would come with but with epilepsy they cant, and there are so many life limiting aspects to it. Ok as you can probably tell im really passionate about raising awareness about epilepsy so ill stop now and wait till i do a post on it else i could go on about it for ages!

The two previous conditions have been strictly clear medically about why they would present challenges as to me leaving the house but the third is a mental health one. Which for me is a difficult one to explain because it takes so many more details to explain as its more personal to me and not just symptoms. The mental health condition that I have is social anxiety which means that i struggle in social situation such as making friendships or any time of personal relationship because im worried people will judge me. As i post more it will become clear why im worried about this but a lot of people suffer with this condition too so again i want to talk about it to break down perceptions and maybe  help someone else with my posts.

However I am not just a girl with different conditions, I have my own personality, passions and life away from this. I love music in the pop/R+B genre so will be doing some music reviews. I also am very excited to be starting uni in September and start my training to become a registered social worker so there could either be some post about that or i could need to use this blog as my escape from the stress of it haha! Basically im just using this to communicate my life in a way that i want to and about things that i want to talk about. I have spoken to some people in the blogging community from when i was doing my previous blogs who really relate to why using a blog to communicate is so confidence building. So I hope i can create the same positive atmosphere on this one.

Thank you if you have made it to the end of this ramble of a post if you were interested in anything you read or have any questions please comment or follow id love to read your blogs as well so make sure to put your links in the comments.

Courtney x


6 thoughts on “Introduction Post- Get To Know Me

  1. beautylifemom says:

    This is great!! Love the focus of your blog- raising awareness on epilepsy and cerebral palsy is definitely valuable. Looking forward to your music reviews as well! I love pop/r&b!!

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  2. Holly says:

    Courtney this is wonderful I also suffer with a few health problems so on a certain scale I understand. Anxiety for one is where I struggle to get rid of it once and for all. Always here and I’ll enjoy reading each post xxx


  3. Emma says:

    What a great intro and I agree, blogging is such a confidence builder! it sounds like you are doing absolutely amazing! I don’t know a lot about cp or epilepsy at all if im being honest. The only experience of epilepsy I’ve had was on a flight coming in to land and the lady next to me had a fit. it was completely terrifying and for months after I was convinced id also have a fit at any moment. I feel so so guilty for not really helping a lot. I have a lot of anxiety around vomiting and all I cared about was if she was going to be sick. I still carry guilt now for not helping this poor lady much. I guess tho there wasn’t much I could do. the flight attendants did everything they needed to. I still feel awful though for just wanting to jump up and run for fear shed be sick on me !


    • Courtney says:

      firstly i havent been ignoring you thank you for your support as i have just seen you have been regularly reading and commenting 🙂 and dont worry i have a fear of germs to and if i didnt know a fit caused vomiting i would have been worried about contagiousness as well! that story is one of the reasons i do this blog to raise awareness so thanks for the story, and dont go beating yourself up for not helping xx


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